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Our Unique Approach

Although Bankfield has enjoyed considerable success in growing its clients’ capital, our first priority is to preserve your hard-earned wealth.  

Whatever you have managed to accumulate thus far, it is your money that you have toiled for, and we have great respect for that.  As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we at Bankfield have experienced first-hand the sacrifices required to build capital.

We do not like losing our own money, so why should we be comfortable with losing even a penny of your money?

We believe in managing the risks within your current circumstances and only when your position is protected, will we embark on multiplying your wealth.

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For us, regulated financial products (such as investments, pensions and insurance) are not `things to flog` – they are merely some of the many tools in our kitbag, to be drawn upon when required.

Bankfield is much more interested in building long-term relationships and delivering genuinely holistic and bespoke wealth creation and wealth management strategies:

To us, whether you have a business, a property empire, an investment portfolio, or a pension, these are all just assets within our overall strategy of deriving an income and building capital.  Bankfield is here to help you build your wealth holistically and to help you pass it down the generations, whilst always being mindful of potential risks on the horizon.

For example, if you are a business owner, our Corporate Team can help you to build your business (via organic growth or acquisition), mitigate risks, extract capital as progress and plan and execute your exit strategy.

If you are an individual or family looking to build your wealth, increase your income and ensure it is all tax-optimised, then our highly qualified and experienced Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) will work closely with you on a long-term basis to provide an innovative and proactive service whilst providing you with unique and exclusive investment opportunities, diversification and risk management.

Whomever you deal with at Bankfield, you will always receive a professional and courteous service from a member of our team that lives by our principles of ethics, honesty, integrity and reliability.

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