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Improving Cash Flow


Fast lending decisions  – £50K to £15M

Improving cash flow isn’t as simple as getting people to pay you on time, or simply reducing your debtor days. Poor cash flow can be a symptom of many different issues within the business.  However, if you don’t address it promptly, you can find your business spiralling out of control very quickly.

Sales driven businesses often struggle with their cash because they start to over trade and although highly successful, it has serious consequences on the bank balance.

Just because you feel you are doing well doesn’t mean the bank share your view! In fact, sometimes it can cause the bank to review your facilities downwards, at a time when you need more cash, not less.

CASH IS KING! We have all heard this saying in business but how do we create the cash? Very different to creating the sales isn’t it? Especially when you need all the cash you can get hold of to expand and grow your business.

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At Bankfield we don’t just provide the quick-fix sticky plaster!  Instead, we take time to understand you and your business aspirations to help ensure that we safeguard your future needs as well as your immediate needs.  Our Clients find that this stops the feast and famine issues that a lot of businesses suffer from.

It’s never too late to get us involved as often the solution is staring you in face, but you’re just too close to see it.

We have many years of experience understanding how to present businesses in a positive light, so that new funding lines are provided by the right providers.  We can put rescue packages together very quickly, indeed sometimes raising £100,000’s in a matter of days not weeks.