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Long Term Care


If you had to move out of your home to receive Long Term Care, how would you fund this?

Your Local Authority must offer some form of funding, subject to means testing, and if you require full-time nursing care, then theoretically you care is funded by the NHS.

Unfortunately, it is not very clear-cut and local authorities can be very difficult to deal with in this regard.  If you have savings and/or income, then this will also impact your entitlement to funding.

If you or a family member are going into care, then talk to one of Bankfield’s Long Term Care qualified Independent Financial Advisers.  They will be able to explain your options, what the local authority’s responsibilities are, and what you are entitled to, given your circumstances.

To learn more about how we can help you or a family member fund their care, call us now on 0116 253 5600 or complete the enquiry form to discuss your situation in complete confidence and with no obligation.

From April 2017, the means-test limit for funding will rise from £23,500 to £123,000. Additionally, a funding cap of £75,000 will be introduced.

However, the funding you will receive is for the cost of care; it will most likely fall short of paying towards your general living costs and food.  If you want to live in higher quality accommodation, then this, too, will need to be funded or part-funded by yourself.

Bankfield has great experience in helping our clients move into care, managing their assets and fighting the battle with the local authority!