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Savings & Investments

savings and investments

Today there are a bewildering range of savings & investments available to you.

At the very least, building a savings or investment portfolio must take into account: your personal circumstances, tax opportunities; current and future tax status; attitude to risk and reward; capacity for loss; and balancing the need for income, growth or both.

Whether you are looking to set up a regular savings plan, review your current investment portfolio, or wish to take an income from your current investments, Bankfield has highly qualified, Independent Financial Advisers to help you meet your objectives.

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With interest rates being at a very low level, many investors are seeking alternatives to cash, however these are not without risk.  Where you could once rely on bank accounts to provide 5% per annum income, now you will struggle to get more than 3% p.a. unless you fix in for a long period of time.*  Note, that unless your savings account is an ISA, any interest you receive is taxed!

Being Independent Financial Advisers, Bankfield has access to the entire market, so can create bespoke solutions to cater for your needs.  However, we will always seek to employ capital preservation strategies to ensure your risks are mitigated wherever possible.  We take the view that in the current economic climate, erring on the side of caution has its merits!

Investments are highly complex areas of financial planning.  Bankfield’s advisers are highly qualified in investments, trusts, taxation and pensions to ensure you receive the very best and most up to date planning and advice we can provide.

* Source – July 2013 – http://www.swanlowpark.co.uk/savingsinterestannual.jsp (historical average savings rates) & http://www.MoneySupermarket.com  (comparison of available savings accounts).

Trusts and Taxation planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested.