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Inheritance Tax Planning


Upon death, your estate could be liable to 40% Inheritance Tax.

Having paid your taxes throughout your life and still managed to accumulate assets to pass down the generations, it is to most, an insult that the taxman takes such a large share of your hard-earned wealth.

Fortunately, Bankfield specialises in mitigating Inheritance Tax (IHT) via tried and tested, HMRC-approved methods.  Often, we find the simplest and oldest methods are the most effective.

However, we will use more innovative planning where circumstances dictate and where your estate structure is complex.  We do not recommend the use of aggressive plans which are not recognised by HMRC.

We are highly experienced in dealing with large estates, trusts and advising non-domiciled UK residents or non-residents with UK assets.

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Inheritance Tax (IHT) is due if your worldwide estate (including any assets held in specific trusts and gifts made within seven years of death) is valued over the Inheritance Tax threshold, currently £325,000 (also known as the Nil Rate Band).

There is no IHT between spouses.  However, upon death of the second spouse, the full amount of IHT will be due.  Spouses can share Nil Rate Bands, so effectively you can make use of an allowance of £650,000 before any tax is payable.  There are also various annual exemptions which we would recommend you utilise.

Your wealth might encompass businesses, property and investments in the UK and abroad that require specialist considerations. We will work with you in order to plan to mitigate Inheritance Tax liabilities, which will often require writing/amending Wills and setting up trusts.

Bankfield’s Independent Financial Advisers specialise in IHT planning and have up to date qualifications in trusts, tax planning and investments to ensure that you receive the very best professional advice.

Inheritance Tax Planning is not regulated by the financial conduct authority.